JSC Plant "Vinytex"

      The Ternopil plant of artificial leather Vinytex was put into operation on November 5, 1959.

      The projected output of enterprise - 500 thousand meters of plastic artificial leather for haberdashery wares - was achieved in 1962.The production increased each year. New kinds of artificial leather, plastic materials, PVC of linoleum appeared.

-1964 - 184 thousand square meters of film materials were developed and turned out.
In 1967 the production of rouling artificial leather for foot - wear
-1972 - production of the artificial leather Tykron for haberdashery wares was developed.
-1975 - 1977 - production of the vinyl artificial leather Galichanka for cover materials was developed.
-1978 - production of the vinyl artificial leather Jupiter for covers of tele - radio apparatus was developed.
-1979 - 1980 - production of rayon and synthetic basis was developed.
-1981 - production of the vinyl artificial not - Knitted foot - wear leather was developed.
-1985 - the vinyl artificial foot - wear leather Ternowell was produced.

     1986 - 1987 - technologies of the vinyl artificial not-knitted leather for bottom of light and traveling foot - wear were elaborated. In 1986 production of PVC linoleum with printed pattern of parquet was started.

     From 1990 till 1995 the technologies of production of the upholster, footwear, owning artificial leather as well as artificial leather ОПВЧ for artificial inserts of trolley - buses were elaborated and developed.

      In 1995 the serial output of the binding material Tevin was started. In 1997 production of the material Kyrza for footwear boot - tops was elaborated and developed.

     The 1st august result of privatization the plant`s was renamed Open JSC "The Ternopil plant of artificial leather"Vinytex"

    It can be stated, that on October, 2002 173 people work at the plant. The collective of workers has an apportunity to produce more than twenty kinds of the artificial leather to provide needs of footwear, haberdashery, binding productions as well as polivinilchloride linoleum for automobile and electro transport.

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